Friday, June 26, 2009

Where did June go?

I can't believe it is already the end of June. So much has happened!

Lilly got her first tooth...and is working on some more.

I quit Kohl's, so I am now a stay at home mommy for the summer!

Lilly loves being in the pool and we are going to teach her to swim as soon as possible. She is our little waterbug!!

We have been going on many walks, going to the pool, and doing lots of swimming!

Lilly can army crawl/normal crawl and is in to everything!!! Her favorite things to get are Tucker's toys & bones, cords, magazines, and basically anything that isn't her own toys!

I got my very first speeding ticket :-( My mom, Lilly, and I were on our way to Ohio to visit my Uncle. We were just talking and I was paying no attention to how fast I was going...

I lost our check book about a week ago, so I am working very hard to find it!

We are excited to go on vacation to Isle of Palms, SC at the end of July!

Enjoy the pics...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Lilly & Daddy being silly!!

Lilly looking oh so sweet in a summery outfit!!

Tucker after I groomed him!! I cut his nails, brushed him, trimmed his hair, and cut all of his knots out!!

I have been incredibly busy this week. When I first started at Kohl's, they said I was not guarenteed very many hours a week...well they lied!! They scheduled me for 37.5 hours in my first week!!! It sucks...... I am going to finish working this week (ALL day Friday & Saturday) and then my schedule will start looking much better. I changed my availability so I will only be working a few days a more than 20 hours. I have not had a job standing on my feet all day for I don't even know how long...all I can say is this summer can not go fast enough...I want my Market Day back!!!

Miss Lil is doing just great. She is so funny...she makes the funniest faces. Right now her thing is to open her eyes really wide, shape her mouth like an o, and say ooooooo. It is soooo cute and makes us laugh every time! She also laughs at everything! Her favorite thing to laugh at is someone else laughing.

I am excited for tomorrow night. Kyle is taking me out to dinner for my birthday (which is the 7th). It is a surprise, all I told him was that I wanted to go to a yummy Thai restaurant. I love Thai food and haven't had it since our favorite place, The Thai House, closed a few months ago. to read my book and relax in a nice bath!