Thursday, December 11, 2008


Wow...I can't believe it has been a whole month since I wrote last! I guess I've been super busy. Lilly will be 3 months old on Christmas Eve! She has been smiling and talking (well...lots of cooing and gurgling, but still talking!) a LOT lately. I absolutely love seeing her smile. She is adorable! She is getting so big too. At her 2 month appt. she weighed 10 lbs 14 oz and was 22 1/2 inches long!!! She is also a great little sleeper. We now definitely have a bedtime routine. At around 9 she gets her bath (Johnson's Bedtime Bath is awesome and we think really works). After she gets her jammies on she eats one more time and then it is bed time! She gets swaddled and her paci and she knows it is time to sleep. She usually lays there for about 15-20 min. before she is out! So she sleeps from around 11 to 7:30/8. She wakes up then for a little snack (eats for about 7 min.) and she is back to sleep until around 10. Yay for sleeping through the night!!

I am now only breastfeeding when she eats her little snack around 7:30 a.m, so I do not have to go downstairs to warm up a bottle. I pump the rest of time. It works out perfectly because she is still getting breastmilk, but she is not dependent on me to eat now. Daddy usually feeds her while I pump a couple of bottles at a time. She takes a bottle so much faster than breastfeeding and seems to throw up a little less. So I keep a couple in the freezer and always 3 in the fridge at a time. Works SO well. She is still throwing up occasionally. I would say once every couple of days. I usually never know when it is coming. But she is happy as could be as soon as she gets done throwing up...smiling and everything. I'm hoping that at 3 months, she stops completely or almost completely.

I am so excited for Christmas! I wish it would snow again. I love snow! Actually only when it is pretty and fresh, not old and slushy. I need to get my Christmas shopping done. I will probably go this Sat. so Kyle can watch Lilly. I think I actually might do some online shopping as well!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I love my baby!

So I am sitting here holding my sweet Lilly and I just can't stop looking at her! She is SO perfect in every way. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, she is a very good baby. I want her to grow up and get bigger, but I also want her to stay this size!! I love her tiny baby hands, fingers, feet, and toes! She has already grown out of her newborn diapers and clothes...and fits her 0-3 month clothes perfectly! I am going to have to buy her 3-6 months clothes soon. My littly baby is growing up :-( She is starting to smile and make lots of cooing noises. Sometimes I think she is going to start talking to us! I can tell she has the cutest little voice!

She is six weeks old (seven on Wed.) and is having some six week fussiness. I've read that babies go through this for about a week because they are having a growth spurt. So she has been very hungry and fussy for the last couple of days. The good news is that she has been sleeping for at least 4 hours at a time during the night (if not longer!). It is awesome to get a straight 4 or 5 hours of sleep at a time!!!

I have so many pictures to post of Lilly, but i can't find the cord that connects my camera to the computer. As soon as I find it, I will post some pictures!! In other news, my job for Market Day is going great! Daddy is a great babysitter and it really gives them a chance to bond and it is great for me to get out of the house for a couple of hours each day! I also love my 3 day weekends! Kyle is in the process of applying to law school. Please pray for him that he gets accepted!!! Tucker is also doing well. We are starting to get a routine down with Lilly, so Tucker is getting more attention than he has been getting since she was born and he sure is happy about that! He did chew on Lilly's pacifier today...we found it on the floor next to a chewed up Kleenex!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to work!

Lilly after her bath!
Daddy and Lilly!

Love this picture!

Lilly in her cupcake outfit that Brittany Armstrong made for her!

My baby girl looking so sweet!

Today is my first day back to work! I am excited and also kinda sad. I only have to go to my Market Day sales in the afternoons/early evenings for about 3 hours and never on Fridays, so it is not so bad. Today I have to be at my sale at 5:30 and it will last until 7:30. Usually they are a bit earlier in the day, but today is a late one. I do love my job because it is not much work, it is fun, and Kyle can be home with the baby since his job is so flexible. If Kyle has a meeting or something, Grandma Wong is more than happy to watch Lilly! I am just so happy I do not have to take Lilly to daycare or have someone I don't know watch her everyday. That would be awful!!!!! I feel so blessed that I can just have this small part time job right now instead of a full time job. All I know is that God truly provides for you when you need Him to. We are truly blessed right now! There is no way i could return to a full time job! Lilly is still waking up about 3 times a night to eat, so mommy is not yet getting a lot of sleep. We usually sleep in till around 10 and then do our morning routing of getting Lilly washed up and dressed and then I will shower. The rest of my day is busy with feeding Lilly, pumping at least one bottle for the freezer, and cleaning up around the house. If I am lucky, I try to take a short nap while Lilly is napping!

Lilly is officially 1 month and 3 days old! At her 1 month check up, she weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz (gained 2 lbs 1 oz since birth) and is 21 3/4 in. long (gained 1 1/4 in. since birth). Our little girl is getting so big! She is almost a 9 pounder! Lilly is still a super good baby. She doesn't cry unless she is really hungry and is really easygoing. I am still trying hard to get her into a nightly routine. We usually give her a bath around 8:30 (she loves bath time)! After that she is usually awake until around 11:00 when I feed her for the last time before bed. Then she is usually up every 2-3 hours after that to eat. The other night I fed her around 11:30 and she did not wake up until 4:30 a.m to eat again!!! It was wonderful! I am hoping for more nights like this! I know it will come soon :-)

The forecast says snow for today and tomorrow, but we'll see, i'm guessing it won't snow! I just want it to be Fall for awhile! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 Weeks Old!

Lilly is 3 weeks old today! I can't believe how fast the last 3 weeks have gone. She is already getting so big and is almost too big for her newborn clothes! Tonight we are taking her on her first "public" outing to the grocery store and tomorrow Lilly and I are going north to Logansport so Grandma can take her 3 week pictures! It will be quite an adventure for us tomorrow since I have never taken her anywhere by myself. I'm kind of nervous about holding her, the carseat, diaper bag, and my purse! I'm not even going to try to take the stroller!! Maybe that will be an adventure for next week.

I am trying very hard to get Lilly on some sort of nightly schedule. It seems like no matter how early i try to put her to bed, it is around midnight or later when we all finally settle down. She likes to eat every 2 hours, so by the time I feed her, change her, burp her, and get her back to sleep it is only another hour before she eats again! I'd really like her to eat every 3 hours, but i guess that will come with time when she is a little older. She is a very hungry girl!! She is also not really liking her bassinet right now. She definitely prefers to be held or even just close to us in our bed. But we are not going to let her start sleeping with us!!

I'll post more pictures soon! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Life with Lilly is wonderful! I can't imagine my life now without her in it. I love just holding her and staring at her! I still can't believe that Kyle & I made such a perfect littly baby and I grew her in my belly! God is so truly amazing!

Lilly is a good baby (knock on wood). She is very happy and only cries when she is hungry or needs something. I love to see her smile...even though now it is probably just gas :-) it is still so beautiful! We took her to her first dr. appt. on Wednesday and she already weighs 7 lbs 3 oz! She has grown so fast! She has inherited her mothers throwing up problem though. She occasionally throws up after eating. So far, it is not a huge problem and she is still gaining weight and having lots of wet and poopy diapers. The doctor said it is more of a laundry problem for me than anything else! Which is true...for such a little girl, she sure goes through a lot of clothes!! I do a load of her laundry at least every other day. But she is worth it :-)

Say a prayer for Kyle. He is taking his LSAT tomorrow. He has finally decided to use his degree in law & society and go to law school! He has been studying very hard for the last month for this test, so hopefully we will get a high enough score to get into law school! Well Lilly is hungry i'm off to feed my sweet baby!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lilly Kay

Our baby is here!!!

Lilly Kay Wong was born on September 24 at 4:43 p.m. She was 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 1/2 in. long. She is absolutely gorgeous and perfect and I am so in love with my new daughter!

I started having contractions at 3:30 a.m on Sept. 23. I had contractions all day and went to the hospital around 8:30 p.m. I was only 1 cm. dilated at this point which was so disappointing! They admitted me anyway and gave me some pain medicine to help me sleep. I slept from around 3 a.m to 7:30 a.m. The doctor came in at 7:30 and broke my water and started my epidural. I have to admit the worse part of childbirth was getting the epidural and only because I was SO nervous. I literally could not stop shaking. Once I had the epidural I was completely comfortable and the contractions did not hurt at all. Once I was 8 cm. dilated, I did start feeling the pain of contractions. I was given an extra boost of epidural. In no time at all I was 10 cm dilated and completely numb. I could not lift my legs or even move my toes by myself. Kyle and the nurse had to lift my legs to push. It is a horrible feeling not having any control over your body! I pushed for about 1 1/2 hours before she was born. The pushing went very well since I couldn't feel anything! It was very relaxing with just Kyle and my nurse in the room with me. Once she crowned, my doctor came in and she was born a short time later! Even though it was long, the birth was very easy and mostly painless. I did not require any stitches so I have recovered very quickly.

We have been home since Friday and I love being a mommy! Lilly is such a good baby! She is even letting us sleep during the night. I usually have to wake her up to eat instead of the other way around! I love love love her SO much!!! Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today has been the perfect lazy day! Kyle and I woke up late and while Kyle watched football, I started working on the baby book. I can't wait till she can actually look at it and enjoy it! I used to love looking at mine. My mom would get it out every year on my birthday so I could look at it. Hopefully Miss Baby Wong will appreciate her baby book as much as I have always appreciated mine!

Today is also my mom's birthday. We met them at Red Lobster in Kokomo for an early dinner. It was very nice to see my family! I ordered the all you can eat shrimp...and wow did i eat a lot!!! The last couple of weeks i have been sooo hungry. I don't know if the baby is growing more or what, but she sure wants me to eat!

Hopefully the baby will come this week by herself! I hate the thought of forcing her out by inducing me!! She is probably very comfortable in there :-)

Friday, September 19, 2008

We will have this baby in less than 2 weeks!!!

I went to the doctor this morning and found out that I am 50% effaced and only 1 cm. dialated. Which is good...I am making progress! We also scheduled an induction if I do not have the baby by Sept. 30. I will go in Tues. Sept. 30 at 7 pm to be induced and have the baby on Oct. 1!!! I am so excited about this because actually scheduling when our baby will be here makes it so much more REAL! I am still hoping that I will go into labor by myself before the induction date. I have been having some Braxton Hicks we'll see...anything is possible!!

The doctor also measured me again and I am back to only measuring 34 cm. You are supposed to measure the amount of weeks you are I guess I'm back to having a small baby! She said this could be because of a different person measuring me (a nurse measured me last week at 37 1/2 cm) or that the baby has really dropped making me measure less. So...who knows? But I have been scheduled to have an ultrasound on Monday just make sure my fluid is still ok and to find out what the baby weighs.

So next week is my last week of work...very excited about that! And then our baby will be here!

I guess I should write about other stuff other than the baby. Tucker, our dog, had to have a major haircut (shave) last weekend. I was not a good mom and did not brush him for quite some time so he had knots ALL over him. Poor Tuck! He is still cute though. He just has this huge head on this skinny little body!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby's Room

I thought I would post a few pictures of the nursery since Kyle & I worked so very hard to get it finished!

Baby Update

Well...i'm still pregnant! But today I am officially 38 weeks and am due 2 weeks from today. I hope hope hope she will want to come early! Elizabeth (my good friend from high school) had her baby on Sunday. She wasn't due until Oct. needless to say I am kind of bummed! So happy for her to have a healthy (6 lbs, 10 oz) baby, but bummed cause i am still pregnant!! We went to see her, Brent, and baby Audrey yesterday and their little family is doing well! Baby Audrey is absolutely perfect. Congratulations Elizabeth & Brent!!

I am still feeling pretty good. I am not too uncomfortable, but I can tell I am still getting bigger. At 36 weeks, I was only measuring 34 weeks. The doctor said this is normal and I will just have a small 6 lb baby..which is completely fine with me!!! Well...when i went back for my 37 week appt. I measured 37 1/2 weeks and gained 4 lbs. Which means in one week I grew 3 1/2 cm!!! So that means our little girl is growing a lot in these last few weeks! I can tell she is getting bigger because her moving has slowed down a lot, so she is running out of room!

I am still working at Polly Panda Preschool 3 mornings a week for 5 hours a day. I will work there until the baby comes...hopefully only another 2 weeks! I am also an Account Rep for Market Day. The 25th is my last sale before I will go on "maternity leave" and then I hope to be able to go back to that in November. Well I will go now and get ready to go to my Market Day sale!

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Blog

Hi Everyone!

This is my very first blog! I'm not sure anyone at all will read it, but I would like for my family and friends that I do not get to see or talk to often to be able to know what is going on in our lives!

As a heads up, Kyle & I have been married since October 7, 2006. We love married life and our dog Tucker. We are getting ready to have our first baby hopefully on or before September 30th! Our lives are super busy right now, but hopefully I will get to update this often! Well now I have to go to a Market Day sale where I work as an Account Rep. I will write more later!