Friday, July 23, 2010


Apparently, I stink at posting pictures now!  I just realized I posted the pic of Lilly & Kyle 3 times...ahhh!!!

Lilly Kay

This girl will be 22 months old tomorrow! 
Lilly is getting so big!

Eating lunch in the trolley at Hap's!
Trying on mommy's shoes

Miss Lilly will be 22 months old tomorrow! 
I can't believe she is almost 2!

Lilly loves:
Dora the Explorer
Apple Juice
Making funny faces
Playing with other kids
Her Paci, unfortunately...
Hide and Seek
Her toys
Her mama & daddy
We love her more than anything and
are SO lucky to be her parents.

Funny Faces!

Loves her mommy...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer To Do List

I have a few things I want to get accomplished this summer...

  • Get Lilly potty-trained.  We have started, but have fallen behind since we went on vacation.  My goal is to have her in pull-ups by her 2nd birthday (Sept. 24)
  • Start teaching Lilly.  I want to start working with her for about 1/2 an hour a day on colors, numbers, and alphabet.  I have all sorts of workbooks....I just need to get started!
To be continued...