Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally Summer!

We are loving summer!  I only have 5 sales to work in June, and 2 in July....which means that the majority of my summer is free!!  I LOVE being home all day.  Granted, I am home most of the day when I have sales, but it is SO nice to not have to worry about showering, dressing up, and getting Lilly ready to leave all in a rush :)  And it is always a rush for me to get anywhere.  So I am loving these long summer days :)  I have to admit, a small part of me feels guilty.  I feel guilty because kyle is going to work, and I am staying home with Lilly all day. 

Good news: We don't have to move to Louisville!  We are leaving our house up for sale, hoping it does sell. 

Lilly is talking so much now!  She even says a few sentences.  Her first sentence was, "Mom, I shut it." (talking about the bathroom door).  She then said, "I'm the baby!"  Which then we taught her to say, "I'm a big girl!"  My favorite things she says are: "Careful mom", "Rock a baby (singing to her baby)", and "love you".  She is the most beautiful, polite, caring, sweet, and funny baby EVER!