Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bummer of a CVS trip tonight

Okay fellow couponers...i can't stop thinking about my trip to CVS tonight.  I did not do so good, and i keep thinking of ways it could have been better.  I did 2 transactions and I should have done 3!  Here is what I got:

Transaction #1
Renu Contact Solution $7.89
Lipton Iced Tea $1.00
After coupons=
Spent .62 out of pocket, received 6.00 in extra bucks

Transaction #2
Twin pack Opti Free Contact Solution $14.99
2 Garnier Shampoo $3.99 each (7.98)
1 Garnier Conditioner $3.99
1 Garnier Hair Spray $3.79
Water Wings (for vacation) $2.99
U by Kotex $3.49
After coupons=
Spent $18 out of pocket, received 12.00 in extra bucks

I spent $18 out of pocket!!!!!!!  That totally sucks.  Before I started couponing, that would have been nothing.  But now that I do, that seeems like soooooo much.  These aren't even things I need.  I already have sooo many shampoos & conditioners.  I have so many boxes of pads & tampons, I would probably be good for a year!  The only thing we will use soon is the opti-free (which alone only cost $14.99!)  How in the world did I spend $18??!!  If I could go back, i would have made the opti free another transaction....what a bummer. 

It felt good to vent...i guess with so many AWESOME trips to CVS spending almost nothing, I was bound to have a bad trip sometime!  And on the bright side, I now have $12 in ecbs....  Thank goodness we are leaving for vacation soon, i think i may need a very small break in couponing...although I may have to hit up Target while I'm down there and you know I'll be taking my coupons :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goals for Today

Moneysavingmom.com is one of my favorite blogs.  Not only are there deal postings, she also posts: recipes, ideas, living frugally, etc...  On her facebook page, she has been posting her top 5 goals to get done that day.  I think this is something I need to start doing.  While it is nice to have no agenda and to go about the day as we please, I feel I need something to hold me accountable.  So on days that I can, I will post my goals for the day either on my blog or facebook, or maybe just make a list when I wake up every morning.  Today my goals are:
  • Finish my menu plan for next week and half
  • Vacuum entire downstairs
  • Unload dishwasher and reload
  • Take ironing board back upstairs (it has been sitting in our entryway for a week) oops
  • Clean kitchen floor (sweep & mop)
I have started making & selling diaper cakes.  It is so much fun!  Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing one.  With all of the materials that go into it I have to charge $65.  If that is a little too expensive, let me know and we can scale it down and make it for less.  Please let me know if you are interested!  They are perfect for baby showers as a gift or a centerpiece.  If you are hosting a shower~this makes a perfect gift!  I can also make cakes for bridal showers using towels instead of diapers.  My email is kariekwong@gmail.com if you are interested.
 Boy diaper cake
 Lilly looking so cute!
 New deck!

 First night in her big girl bed!
Girl diaper cake-I can't rotate it...sorry!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Update

So i went to buy my coupons (newspapers) yesterday at a gas station and they were completely out!  I asked if they had any left, and the man said that there is a lady in the area who is a big couponer and she buys every single paper they have on Sundays plus he orders her an extra 35 newpapers.  Every Sunday.  35+ newspapers.  Ridiculous.  All i wanted was 2 little papers :)

I am LOVING this summer.  Our new deck has made it so perfect.  I love sitting on the deck while Lilly plays in her pool & new swingset!  We are looking forward to vacation in SC again!

Lilly is 2 and 9 months old and is getting so big.  Can't believe I will have a 3 year old in a few months!  Lilly loves:
  • Watching movies...favorites right now are Despicable Me and Gnomeo & Juliet (they are my favorite too!)  Despicable Me=hilarious
  • Reading her books....favorites right now are ALL Berenstein Bear books.  She loves them!  Thank goodness my mom saved all of mine from when i was a kid.
  • Playing, playing, and more playing.  Loves to play with her kitchen, making "food", going to the "store"....very into pretend playing.  Also loves building with blocks.
  • Loves to play outside.  She is definitely an outside kind of girl. 
  • her big girl bed! 
Love my Lilly girl!!  Still missing my Valerie.  Knowing she is waiting on us in Heaven makes everything a little easier :)  Can't wait to see her again!!  If you haven't read Heaven is For Real...please do.  GREAT book!